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Module - 1


Your High Ticket System

The most reliable thing that you can do for online business is to set up an automated high ticket sales system. If you do this smartly you can profit from it for years with minimal maintenance and upkeep. This video will give you an overview of the entire process. 

Understanding How It Works
Generally speaking, a high ticket product will have a price point between $297 and $1997. Under $297 is low to mid-ticket and higher than $1997 is called a super ticket. You have to think outside of the (in)box. You have to sell outside of their email inbox due to pricing because it takes longer to make a high ticket decision and you need their full attention. The high ticket sales process is spread out over time and can be approached through a series of presentations made through webinar, email, and even phone (zoom) over time. A high ticket funnel requires 4 parts that we’ll discuss in a future video. Those parts can all be set up once and rolled out to perform automatically with minimal upkeep. 2 year half life. High ticket products are best sold by offering them to low ticket buyers since they generally require a higher degree of trust and premarketing.

Value versus Pricing
The value is what justifies the pricing (not the volume of content) and the value is determined by how beneficial the product is to the customer. 

If the advice you receive in a private 10 min conversation with Jeff Bezos adds $10,000 p/m to your bottom line, how much would you be willing to pay for that 10 minute consultation?  Audience is the most important factor in the creation of your product so that you can ensure that it will be worth the purchase price. You must be strategic about what you create and for whom. Knowing who they are, where they are, what they need and what they are willing to pay is critical in determining your value proposition. Don’t just throw spaghetti on the wall.  Do some market research. What are people selling and buying in your space? What is the standard high ticket product priced at? What can YOUR product do for them? A basic online college class costs approx $150 to $500 per credit and meets at least 15 times per semester. That's approximately $45 to $100 per hour of learning on a 3 credit class..

Nuts and Bolts
Your high ticket system may have various entry points but it essentially revolves around the core offer which is made via a webinar presentation.  The webinar recording is ideally hosted on Amazon S3 with cloudfront or on a CDN with reliable playback that won't hiccup. Your webinars will be evergreen live simulations. There can be a funnel composed of web pages and emails leading up to the webinar in order to pre-market your presentation. Your high ticket system also needs to have a strong follow-through for those that have registered, those that attended, and those that didn’t. You must design a process that gets the IDEAL PROSPECT in front of your webinar at the IDEAL TIME and follows through assertively. 

Processing & Delivering
High ticket products are typically sold through a merchant account using a shopping cart system to avoid paying unnecessary affiliate network fees. Affiliates expect 30% to 50% commissions. You can still use PayPal and Stripe with a platform like ThriveCart or Zaaxxa which do not charge you 5% just to generate a button for you.  Affiliate marketplaces are of little value for high ticket offers and thats why you don’t typically see them on JVZoo or Warrior+.  Delivering your high ticket product is not unlike delivering any other product in the sense that your content should be on a protected download page. Thud factor will go a long way for you in high ticket delivery because customers will justify their purchase with logic after the impulse has died down.

High Ticket Marketing

High ticket marketing is all about teaching and raising awareness first. You have to “warm-up” your prospects before you hit them up for big money.  Marketing your high ticket offer is all about building curiosity and suspense. You should get them to want to be on your webinar. This is done through email and social media. Retargeting is a great way to pre-market people that have already opted in or registered to attend your webinar. You can create a custom audience using a pixel and show them teasers. You have to be strategic and purposely exclusive when you market a high-ticket offer. This type of selling is NOT about showing your product to anyone with a pulse. As a high ticket seller, you should put a system in place to attract low ticket sellers to your offer as affiliates. Advertise in places that your type of low-ticket sellers congregate.

Rolling out your own High ticket system just takes some planning. Once you identify an audience and have an idea for the product you should reverse engineer the rest. Start by crafting an offer and writing the sales pitch. Come up with the perfect offer and then create a product that lives up to it.

Module - 2

High Ticket Product Assembly

High Ticket Product Assembly

Anyone can assemble their own high ticket products because it's just like making a term paper for school except this time it's digital. A high ticket product is a digital multimedia information course. You are teaching a class on a topic digitally by using slide presentations, video, audios, and other digital files. There are lots of sources for content out there and you are essentially the curator that can compose the perfect solution for your audience.

The Perfect Offer

The offer is the number one reason why a high ticket product either converts or doesn’t convert. The offer is, what they get for what they pay. Is yours perceived as extremely valuable? Perception is reality. It's not how good your product actually is but how good they perceive it to be that counts. Sell them on what it can DO not what it contains.  Understanding the difference between what your audience wants and what they actually need will help you to craft the perfect offer. You must know your audience.  Write the offer (and the sales pitch) for the perfect no-brainer product FIRST and THEN set out to create a product that meets that criteria. Do not create the product first. The more they can get done with the less they have to do, the more efficient the product will seem BUT the more “stuff” they get when they log in, the more satisfied they’ll feel. 

The Digital Deliverables 
A high ticket digital information product should have a modular structure like a virtual college class with a series of videos and supporting materials. 

Videos can and should be a combination of didactic (slides) and practical (screen share) just like a college class may have a lecture day and a lab day. 

 Worksheets should accompany your videos to enhance the learning experience. You can make these by using your presentation slides. Create downloadable checklists to coincide with each module.   A glossary of terms and an index of resources that you mentioned in your videos will add a lot of value to each lesson. Consider including downloadable images, templates, and resource files. Include text transcriptions of every video as well as an edited PDF eBook that you source from the transcriptions themselves.

Producing The Content
Make a bullet doc. Research and outline the topic that you will be teaching using the 5-5-5 system. 5 headings (slides) 5 subheadings (bullets) talk for at least 5 minutes on each slide. Create your slide decks on Google slides and record your presentations with screen capture software like Screenflow or Camtasia. Add an anchor statement and a conclusion. Transcribe each presentation into a 45 - 60 page text document. This can be outsourced or you may consider using an AI transcription software. Be careful of taking longcuts here. Create worksheets from the slide decks by removing keywords and replacing them with blacks. Create checklists from each slide deck and select terms for a glossary. Create at least 5 modules and combine the verbatim transcriptions into one document and edit that document into a well-written ebook. Order graphics, flat cover, ecover, thumb, and header.

The Delivery Website
This should be a PROTECTED membership site that requires the user to enter a username and password for access. This can be done using a site builder like Groove or just WordPress. Keep the website simple the less pages the better however make sure that the site makes them go “WOW” when they log in due to the THUD FACTOR. Have a welcome video that explains everything and walks them through the next steps. Use a step box beneath the video to get them off on the right foot. Make your website a friendly EXPERIENCE not just a list of download links. Pop the training videos with overlay modals and provide lots of downloadable resources. Image is everything so your site should look stunning. Make sure all your pages match. You are responsible for login pages and error pages as well. 

Advanced THUD FACTOR Tactics
Over-deliver by giving them more than they paid for. This does not mean more awesome than they expected but rather more content than they actually purchased. Add a bonus module that's just as robust as the ones they expected with resources, checklists, glossary, and worksheet. Formats matter. You can deliver the same exact material in a variety of formats to make it more convenient for the user while adding a robust thud factor to your page. Give them a free product that is related to what they purchased, perhaps this free product leads them into another one of your funnels. Consider creating a fast action bonus offer as well. Consider drip feeding content into your members area over time (weekly) as a way to increase customer retention. Put them on a teaching reminder email sequence. 

Assembling a high ticket product of your own is about providing an abundance of value that the customer actually wants and needs. This is not about assembling a gigantic amount of fluff to dazzle them with volume. Use thud factor to give your product some girth but be sure that your core material delivers on the sales promises or else it's all just a big fugazi.

Module - 3

High Ticket Driving The Traffic

It's better to have 1% of a hundred than 100% of one. Instead of depending on your own traffic 100% of the time just get 1% of the traffic from as many vendors as you like for as long as you like. Once you set up your high ticket system other marketers will gladly send you their buyers. Plus you can continue to tap into free and paid methods if you choose. 

Low Ticket Treasure Trove
Low ticket buyers are the perfect type of prospects to put your high ticket offer in front of because they are proven buyers looking for a solution NOW. You can auto-reg (automatically register) low ticket buyers into an evergreen webinar using the affiliate networks API, IPN notification, or a service like Zapier.  You can also insert a STEP BOX with a mandatory new member webinar on the low ticket download page. Step one should be the registration link. (Auto-reg / one-click reg works best)  Calendar sites like MunchEye provide a list of upcoming low ticket launches and contact information for the vendors. These are the people you reach out to for registering. Social media groups also serve as a great place to find people with upcoming low ticket launches as well as evergreen low ticket recurring products to integrate with. 

Strategic Advertisement
Free organic Social media exposure in groups and pages can go a long way when driving traffic to your high ticket products. Remember that affiliates are worth much more than customers.  You can make a deal with Facebook group owners to purchase or barter their group or fan page cover image. You can then insert your own image there to advertise your webinar or JV page. Create pretty links for your high ticket JV page or webinar registration page then insert them into PDFs that you give as free gifts in groups. These don't have to be lead magnets just tripwires. Create a review video of your own product and webinar so that affiliates can put it on their blogs and on YouTube and on their social media sites. Create your own social media group on the topic that your high ticket product is about and post relative content that will attract your ideal prospects. Giveaway tripwires that lead to your HTP.

Cold PPC Advertisement
For customers…. You can run paid ads directly to the reg page for your evergreen webinar but this works better as a loss leader funnel. Lead magnet first then stepbox on the DL page. For affiliates… You can run ads to a JV page for your high ticket product and webinar with lots of testimonials from prior JV’s. You can pay for webspace and premium ads on calendar sites like MunchEye. Some of these sites and affiliate networks will even sell you an email solo ad blast to all their vendors! Media buys in affiliate networks are like “Hot Topic Ads” on the JVZoo home page or like a banner ad inside of Clickbank. This works when the product is hosted on their network.  Whether you are paying for ads to your customers or affiliates, it is always a good idea to know your numbers before investing a lot of money.

Advanced High Ticket Tactics
Webinar brokers are a great way to find vendors that can put a high volume of targeted prospects into your high ticket webinar for a percentage of the profit. Once you have someone who has an affiliate audience you can make them a “Two-tier deal” where they get paid a percentage of YOUR profit on sales made by affiliates THEY referred. Your high ticket buyers are some of your best salespeople. Train your customers to be affiliates right on your website by creating an “Earn Money” page. Revenue share funnel deals can be struck with vendors that need a product directly inserted in their funnel. In this case, you get a share of the whole launch proceeds for providing your product.  White labeling may be something that you consider if a vendor wants to rebrand your product and include it in his own portfolio. You can charge a setup fee then invoice them per user monthly. 

Internal traffic fusion is when you put a banner or fast action bonus on your high ticket download page pointing to another vendor's HTP and he/she does the same for you. External traffic fusion is when you swap emails with another high ticket vendor and subscribers to one another’s registration page.  Every one of your products should have a step box leading to the next high ticket product in your portfolio.  Always insert a SUPER TICKET offer on your high ticket download page. There are ALWAYS people that will pay an additional $2000, $5000, or even $10,000 for additional help.  Insert suggestive statements in the training itself to get the customer interested in the super ticket item. You can also use a bookend trailer in your videos to advertise a super ticket app.

The advantage of having a high-ticket product is that OTHERS will gladly send you their buyers right after they’ve worked hard to get them. They do this simply because they think it's so hard to create a high-ticket product. You can use this to your advantage and create a franchise traffic system like J. Paul Getty did. 

Module - 4

High Ticket Funnel

A high ticket funnel is made up of 4 parts… the traffic sources, the entry process, the sales machine, and the delivery system. We covered traffic sources and product delivery in the prior modules so here you will learn the entry process and the sales machine. 

Capture Points & Tactics
Capture points are where your traffic sources meet your high ticket entry process; these can be integrations as previously mentioned with Zapier or custom software tools. Ideally, you want to “capture” the prospects' undivided attention, not just their name and email address. High ticket selling is not list building even though a customer list is a bi-product. Create a script and follow-up message sequence for contacting VENDORS with upcoming product launches. Use that script to START A CONVERSATION in search of a good fit for integration.  You can hire and train your own high ticket webinar broker from Upwork so that they contact all the low ticket sellers in your niche for you and get the ball rolling. Have a follow-up script and sequence.  Create an array of evergreen integrations with vendor products even POST launch.

Pre Webinar (Entry Process)
Whether the prospect registers from an API integration, a step box, or simply by filling out a form your warm-up process continues on the CONFIRMATION  PAGE. Create a video that prepares them for what's about to happen. Make it generic so it applies to whatever date/time they chose to attend.  Give them homework, like a pre-webinar checklist, and maybe a document to review in preparation. You can even give them a pre-webinar “prep video” to get the teaching out of the way. Do your teaching and impulse building BEFORE the webinar by creating some short pre-webinar videos. It may help to force a 3-day lag in order to deliver the pre webby training. Ask them to set an alarm on their phone and register for SMS or chat messages. You can use Twilio or Manychat to engage before the webinar and boost attendance.

Webinar Presentation (Sales Machine)
Pitch the right person at the right time. That's the whole purpose of hosting an automated webinar. Mobile devices (especially phones) may indicate that it’s NOT the right time. Your webinar presentation should sell them on the dream. Identify the problem that’s keeping them from achieving their dreams and then present YOUR solution. Focus on the story, the dream, and the BENEFITS of your product because that's what sells. Record your presentation like a sales video and be sure to STACK the close like Russel. Use an evergreen webinar solution like EverWebinar or the like to automate your webinar so that it plays daily at a set time.  Alternatively, you can use a live webinar platform like GoToWebinar and hire someone to play the video and engage with attendees every day. This is called a LIVE simulation.

Follow Up Emails & Replay Funnel
Following up is still part of the sales machine because we are targeting people that may or may not have attended but definitely didn’t buy.More than 75-80% of most high ticket webinar sales are made on the replay because even after all your best efforts the most common attendance rate is 20-25% Follow up with a crush campaign 1 email day one, 2 emails day two, 3 emails day three. Send them to a different reply page each time unlocking controls, TOC, and order button.  The follow-up and replay are all about urgency and scarcity. This is done with “items remaining” and a countdown timer but it can be tricky to pull off on evergreen funnels without custom code. Use automation rules on your autoresponder to move the non-buyers onto a lower ticket sequence or affiliate sequence after the crush expires.

Advanced Funnel Alternatives
Like live simulations on GoTo with a person playing a real video each time can be particularly useful for one-off webinars that you may have scheduled as part of a one-time deal. Longform sales page versions of the webinar on exit pops are very effective for replay pages. This is where you take the webinar script and turn it into a sales page as an alternative to the video.  A PDF version of the presentation or the long-form sales page formatted like an eBook can serve as a “free gift” for attendees or maybe as a last-ditch exit pop offer on the sales page. Application funnels that lead to a strategy session are another way that you can sell your high ticket products. Send them to a google form instead of an order page with your CTA. Train your salesperson to do the pitch over the phone or zoom to those that schedule a call. This works very well for very high-priced and super ticket items.

Your high ticket funnel centers around a webinar presentation that happens every day. This is essentially a sales video that prospects can schedule to watch. You will create various entry points to this webinar, some will be from launches and integrations. Others will be direct registrations. You can always expand on it later just remember to have an aggressive and strategic follow-up process.

Module - 5

High Ticket Automation Process

The better you get at automating your high ticket system the more time you’ll have to repeat the process with other products and scale. Automation is not just about technology, it's actually more about having systems and processes in place that take YOU out of the work equation.  Software applications play a big role in automation but they mean nothing without a good process in place first.

Evergreen Webinar Platform
Your high ticket product will primarily sell via webinar. You need to have an MP4 recording of your sales presentation for the webinar software to run daily (or on your schedule). EverWebinar is one of many automation platforms that you can use and it has a robust set of features. You should not skimp on this tool because it is the hub of your high ticket system. Configuring your webinar includes schedules, registration, notifications, integrations, thank you (confirmation), live settings, and replay settings.  You can utilize the automation platform’s features to do almost all of the work but you still have to mount an effective email follow-up in your autoresponder. Drop your Facebook pixel on your confirmation page and replay page to create custom audiences that you can retarget. You can use your own pages or platform-generated pages.

Message Automation
Pre webinar emails are essentially to confirm that they are registered and then to remind them of the upcoming event.  Post webby emails are essentially your crush campaign and this is where things can get dicey based on countdown timers, cookies, and cross-browser/device configurations. On your confirmation page, you should ask them to sign up for alternative forms of reminders. Browser push alerts can be one such method and there are tools like Braze and others for this. Chatbots are an incredibly responsive way of engaging with your registrants and reminding them to attend as well as follow up. This can all be set up in advance with ManyChat. SMS messaging is a huge way to ensure that people show up for your webinar because you can send them a reminder text. You can use a service like Twilio to get this done.

Teamwork Makes The Dream work
Staff can provide automation for YOU. It’s manual for them but hands free for you and in many cases, this is very cost-effective when using services like Upwork. Your staff can be trained in all four phases of your high ticket funnel from contacting vendors for traffic, to overseeing entry processes and live webinar simulations.  In addition to running a live simulation, your staff member can be logged into your webinars for 2 hours per day just to answer questions live. Create scripts for every point of contact in your high ticket process so that your staff knows how to handle every communication like chats, voicemails, emails to both vendors and customers. A more experienced staff member can be a telephone sales representative that you train on how to sell your product similar to what you do with the webinar script.

Your S.O.P.
No matter how many different high ticket sellers and processes there are out there you will eventually arrive at YOUR way of doing things. That will be YOUR proprietary system. Is you start experimenting with methods and tools you should take the time to document all the processes that you put into place. Create Google Docs with step-by-step lists of everything you do to accomplish the task in every part of your four phases because that will become your S.O.P. to train staff with. MeisterTask is a great tool to organize your system tasks and processes when working with staff because they can check things off as completed.  As you start doing more and more super ticket sales you may want to implement a CRM software like PipeDrive to track deals from start to finish.

Rinse, Repeat, Scale
Remember as a best-case scenario your high ticket product will have a 10-12 month half-life before it starts to die down. Use that time to create your next high ticket offer and funnel. If you create timeless didactic High ticket products you’ll be able to rebrand them and modify them and then cycle them back into your portfolio after a year. At any given time you should have THREE rolling offers that are selling daily via webinar automation from $297 to $997 to $1997. Super Ticket is the next evolution of your business. Don’t sleep on these opportunities because your high ticket buyers WANT and NEED super ticket items like coaching and consulting. There are many Super Ticket sellers out there that are willing to give you a HUGE slice of the pie in exchange for your high ticket traffic. It's the cycle of digital life.

All four parts of your high ticket system can be completely automated with the use of technology and human resources. Create a system that works then create a process that makes it hands-free for you. Once you get it dialed in, repeat it so that you always have at least three high ticket offers rolling. This process is FAR more profitable and far less stressful than launching low tickets over and over again. It's time you start profiting off of other people's launches while adding more money to their bottom line.

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